William Pfefferman Obituary – Death – William Pfefferman has passed away

William Pfefferman Obituary – Death: I’m crushed to hear that my friend William Pfefferman died yesterday in Kenton County, Kentucky. Big Will is a main character in the three chapters I wrote in THE LEAST OF US on his county’s experiment with finding a new way of doing jail.

He had a big baritone voice and a friendly manner that contrasted mightily with the war stories he told me of his felonious younger years, robbing dealers and brawling with cops. He helped so many into addiction recovery…. I’ll have more on Will later….For now, I’m just remembering my friend. RIP Big Will. You done good in your life. You were a light for some in dire need, and will be missed by many. (Here we are with Jo Martin, whom Will introduced me to. She’s also in the book.)

Woke up to bad news that was quite upsetting hear. Another true ledgend, a man full of experience, strength, and hope. Good things were always being said about “Big Will” and the turn around that he made. The info that he was gone was one I honestly have to admit I had to verify because I just couldn’t believe it. I just messaged Will four nights ago asking if he was okay and he said “yes” I wish I had told him he had more to do, more lives to change, more goals to fearlessly conquer, more good to do- just in general – wish I would have said “you ain’t done yet!” To say you will be missed is an understatement. Rest In Peace William Pfefferman #oneofthegoodones #rip #legend #heavenjustgainedanangel


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