Who Killed Vita Aranda? Paraguayan Footballer’s Wife Shot Dead In An Concert Death Video CCTV Footage Viral!

Vita Aranda Death

Vita Aranda Death – Obituary, Cause Of Death: So unfortunately a very well-known influencer Vita Aranda has passed away. She was shot in a concert. A man really opened fire in a full house concert in the country of Paraguay. Local authorities one person has died and several people have been injured during the massacre. The shooting took place at the San Bernardino Amphitheater. And the sites are full of headlines containing her news of death. When she was short, she was immediately taken to the nearest hospital and was fighting.

Who Killed Vita Aranda?

She had severe injuries. She was shot multiple times. But in the end, she could not be saved. Hydro boyfriend also commented on the situation while she was in their Operation Theatre. He updated all the media that she was in a serious condition. She was directly shot into the head and could not be stabilized. The suspect has not been apprehended yet. She was well known for her fitness blogs. She also provided fitness tips on Instagram and has about 500,000 followers. She is the girlfriend of her popular Paraguayan footballer who plays for the Olympia team.

Vita Aranda Death Reason

She does not have a Wikipedia page. We would like to express our deepest apologies to her family and friends. The identity of other members who were injured has not been revealed. But the police are investigating the matter and trying to catch the suspect. She was 30 years old. Reportedly, she has two kids. One is a girl and the other is a boy. She was really active on Instagram and posted her memories. Her fans are expressing their tribute to the social media influencer. She also has a YouTube channel that has around 4000 Subs. Enter. She had tremendous popularity and massive fashion sense.

Vita Aranda Death Video CCTV Footage

She devoted her life to fitness, are and provided one-to-one training sessions online. She was present at the concert with her family. Although there have been rumors that she was not the only one who lost her life, there are more people. The ammunition and arms have not been obtained. She quickly became a well-known face in the fitness industry after she launched her page. She was earning thousands of dollars. We hope that her soul rests in peace, and the suspect will be brought to justice. We would be providing you the updates about this case so regularly. So stay tuned with us.

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