Who is Amir Locke? Video shooting who Killed Amir Locke?

Amir Locke Death

Amir Locke Death – Obituary Funeral News: More than 30 hours after police shot and killed an armed man in an apartment in the city center on Wednesday, calls for transparency and answers have grown.

Police accountability activists from the community against police brutality will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. Condemned the lack of transparency throughout the process in an effort to get answers from city officials and the MPD.

Among those requests, the group wants to see warrant applications, receive communications from MPDs in a more timely (and clearly structured) manner, and hear motivations for releasing images of guns and ammunition to the public before officers’ body camera footage — An attempt to slander the victim’s character they claim. .

A member of the Minneapolis Police Department conducted a search at the Bolero apartment on Marquette Avenue at about 6:48 a.m. Wednesday, Interim Police Chief Amelia Hoffman said in a brief news conference Wednesday afternoon. An armed man was shot and killed in an apartment building in the city center. Police have not yet clarified whether the man they killed was related to a search warrant.

Community members have since identified the victim as black Amir Locke. FOX 9 confirmed that Rock was 22. Sources told FOX 9’s Paul Bloom that Locke’s family will be represented by attorneys for Ben Crump and Jeff Storms, civil attorneys representing the family of George Floyd.

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