What Happened To The Mother Of Sydney Woman Made To Wait In Hospital Car Park?

Shirley Roberts Death

Shirley Roberts, Mother Of Gayle Roberts Passes On, After Her Daughter Was Refused Entry Into The Hospital Due To Covid Visitation Protocols – A Sydney woman has made known her displeasure and sadness known, following the loss of her mother. The woman complained that she was asked to wait in a hospital car park for five hours while her mum was dying inside alone. The cause of the old woman’s death was said to be as a result of her daughter who claimed she was restricted from seeing her mother due to COVID-19 visitation protocols.

According to reports from the husband of Mrs. Gayle Roberts, a day before her mother died, she was kicked out of her mother’s palliative care room at Campbelltown Hospital, and she begged to stay beyond visiting hours as she noticed her mother was close to death, but she was threatened to leave or else the security personnel would be sked to throw her out of the premises.

The next day very early in the morning, Gayle rushed back to the hospital the next morning and upon arrival was made to know that her visiting exemption is outdated so therefore she would have to wait outside until she obtains a new one. The triple-vaccinated against COVID-19, Roberts, had to wait for five hours until her exemption was through.

Later on when her exemption came through, it was too late, as her mum Shirley had passed away all alone in the room. A Campbelltown Hospital spokesperson said Mrs. Roberts should have been allowed to remain with her mother for compassionate reasons, which in a way could have prevented her from dying.

We send most heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased, we pray they have the fortitude to bear the great and sad loss of their beloved, who has passed on unexpectedly.


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