What happened to Park Jimin? BTS’ Jimin undergoes appendicitis surgery

What happened to Park Jimin

BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music, announced on their social media Monday that Jimin, part of the group of seven, underwent appendicitis surgery. The agency further revealed on Weverse that Jimin has tested positive for Covid-19. According to them, the idol “is experiencing a mild sore throat but is recovering quickly”.

Tests positive for COVID-19

What happened to Park Jimin
The statement read: “Hello everyone. This is BigHit Music. We would like to provide you with the following information about the current health of BTS member Jimin. Jimin suffered sudden abdominal pain with a mild sore throat on the afternoon of January 30. He arrived at A thorough examination was carried out in the hospital emergency room and a PCR test was performed. Jimin was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and tested positive for Covid-19. In the early hours of Monday, January 31, he underwent surgery on the advice of his doctor.

“According to the medical staff, the operation was successful and Jimin is currently recovering from the surgery. He will be hospitalized for Covid-19 for a few days as well as post-operative care. He currently has a mild sore throat but is recovering quickly, in the stage of infection There was no contact with other members,” it added.

At the end of the statement, the company said that it will prioritize the health of the artists and will do everything possible to help Jimin recover as quickly as possible. They further pledged to strive to comply with the requirements and standards of health care authorities.

Meanwhile, Ami worries and prays for Mochi baby’s speedy recovery. As Jimin trended on Twitter, many people started blessing him. “To our Jimin: Today we wish you a speedy recovery. We love you so much and hope you come back stronger and healthier,” wrote one user, who ended up casting a purple heart, while another user wrote “The one who always gives us unconditional love and comfort, we wish you happiness and well-being #GetWellSoonJimin,” tweeted

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