What Happened To Lorna Cordeiro? Is Lorna Cordeiro Dead Or Alive?


So hello, everyone has been on social media is a hub of fake news and rumors. So recently there is a really strong rumor surfacing on the Internet that a famous popular singer from Goa named Lorna Cordeiro has passed away. She’s known as the night angle of Goa. So some news sites are claiming that she has passed away recently. We are going to analyze the news and try to see if there is any truth in the story. So recently there were a lot of messages regarding her health status. The fans were really concerned about her.

Is Lorna Cordeiro Dead Or Alive

When some sites claimed that she has passed away. so straight away this is fake news and she is obviously fine. But there has been no official order verified statements of buyer familiar authorities claiming that she has passed away. There were many fake rumors. Zendaya is pregnant or Ariana Grande is pregnant. Many sites are using the name of such huge celebrities to earn some revenue. So we would like to confirm that the Gwar singer is currently fine. She has written and sung many famous songs like Aik re khobrankara, Aikat Mazo tavlo.

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