What Happened To 49 year old Josephine Cook? Who Killed Her And Why?

Josephine Cook's Obituary

Josephine Cook’s Obituary – Death, Josephine Cook Cause Of  Death

October 16, 1996, a crime was committed which took the whole upscale Atlanta suburban neighborhood of Cascade Heights by surprise as a former executive district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, Called 911 and also reported to “The Real Murder in Atlanta” on Oxygen, on the 7th of August which was a Sunday, that, upon arrival of a young man from school, a young man, Leonard Cook found his mother’s body in a pool of blood in the house.

The victim confirmed as a 49 year old, Josephine Holmes Cook who is a Superior Court Judge, who at the time of the murder was said to be found on the doorway and down the stairs leading to her bedroom at home, wearing a vest with an inscription ”re-elect Judge Cook” in a pool of blood.

According to information, prior to her death, Josephine Holmes recently lost re-election bench seat, and this made a lot of people believe she committed suicide, but it was later revealed by a medical examiner that, Cook had been shot once in the back of his right shoulder, but he immediately gave a negative response to the claims.

Officers conducted a search on Cook’s home and found a 0.9mm projectile and a 0.9mm empty brass casing and apart from these they also reportedly found blood on the keypad of the phone upstairs, and so they came to a final verdict that the deceased bled to death, while trying to drag herself downstairs to make a call on the phone downstairs.

Further information revealed it that, 17 year old Raynard Cook’s room was later opened and looted, among things found in the room of the juvenile was a shoebox in the room containing wrapped sacks of marijuana and a large sum of cash. Leonard was engaged in a conversation by officers and he outlined his daytime activities claiming he leaves home for school at 7 a.m. and later at noon for football practice. He also admitted he sells drugs to friends for pocket money.

The deceased mother and her soon attended the same College, a well known private high school, but all the same they both had a difficult relationship. Detectives were at Leonard’s school and it was confirmed that he was at the school all day. A careful investigation which included crime scene fingerprints and DNA evidence still didn’t give the expected and needed result needed to officers.

Unfortunately for young cook, a neighbor was summoned to enquire more on Renard’s account, who had earlier told detectives that when he found his mother dead, he held her in his arms, the neighbor said the teen sat on his mother’s white sofa when he came in.

The Detectives after learning that the young man was telling lures had to focus on the murder weapon, and asked students who were friends of the young man at Woodward College, and a student confirmed it that Leonard had paid $150 for a gun, a Glock 9mm, a fortnight before his mother was shot, and according to officers the weapon matched the type of gun used to kill the judge.

According to a family member, Renard claimed a masked man had shot his mother with a gun, and had also pointed the gun at him, all this fell on deaf ears as Leonard was arrested and charged with malicious murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm. The yougn man was tried a year and a half after his arrest, on March 20, 1998.

The prosecution nailed it that Reynard murdered his own mother as a result of rebellion and rage. The marijuana and his drug dealing made the judge conclude that he shot and killed his mother, watched as she struggled to call 911, and bled to death, and the juvenile then left for school.

According to the Atlanta Constitution, the defense played down tensions between Leonard and his mother, and upon failure of the panel to make a ruling within 20 hours, both sides sat down to seal a deal, which in exchange for the young man’s public admission of guilt, will reduce the charge to manslaughter, which reportedly carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. But on the other hand if the young gives in to counseling, he would be in jail for less than a year, in lure of this Leonard’s family forced him not to plead guilty, but he refused.

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