Trey Johnson’s Death – Obituary, Trey Johnson Is Dead

Trey Johnson's Death

Becky Middleton, Freelance Recording Session Vocalist and Musician Mourns The Death Of Her Beloved Friend Trey Johnson

We have lately learnt from Becky Middleton a resident of Dallas, Texas, a Freelance Recording Session Vocalist and Freelance Musician, the sudden and unexpected passing away of Trey Johnson, one of her beloved friend and colleague who she claimed to have sang, recorded and jammed with for so long.

Becky Middleton recalled that the deceased a dear friend invited her to be a part of The Family Piano band, and she said it to be a great time working with him as it was an honor, she also stated that the deceased was the kindest person who has left a beautiful legacy with his family and the Dallas music scene.

A part of Becky Middleton of Dallas, Texas’s tribute to the deceased read ”Working in the studio with someone of his caliber and musicianship is always an honor. But to call him friend was the gift. She also expressed her state of being in the tribute which read ” I’m heartbroken and will miss you, friend………”

We extend condolences to the loved ones, family, friends and well wishers of the deceased at this time of mourning his sad and sudden demise, we ask that God comfort them and grant them the fortitude to bear the great loss of their beloved.

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