Toussaint Masic Death, Obituary- Renowned journalist this morning in Belgrade

Toussaint Masic Death, Obituary :“Working for foreign media in Serbia is never easy. Today, most Serbian-language journalists working for BBC News don’t remember what I and the service’s editor, Aleksandra Nikšić, wore in the 1990s. For them , these stories are from ancient times”. past, and it is better that they stay that way.

As they were told during the training: “You are Serbian-speaking BBC reporters, that’s all.” The same rules apply as apply to all BBC reporters. “Whether you are in Belgrade, London, Kabul or anywhere in the world, the editorial standards of the world’s largest media company are something you have to keep in mind at all times,” Masic said in an interview.

Dušan Mašić was born in Belgrade in 1964. He started working as a reporter at the then B92 Youth Radio in 1989.

From deputy reporter to town hall reporter to war correspondent, in the mid-1990s he became one of B92’s best-known voices and editor of the B92 Radio news program.

Over the years, he has reported for VOA and has also written part-time for NIN.

He was the first Director of ANEM and since 2000 has been an Electronic Media Consultant and one of the leading experts on broadcast opportunities in the Balkans.

Toussaint Masic Cause Of Death

At the end of October last year, under the headline “SAD NEWS: Lawyer and journalist Dusan Masic died last night in Belgrade” on the “Kurir” portal (with similar reports from other tabloids), journalist Dusan Masic wrote “not from his tweets Special accounts begin, which opens the problem of censorship of information from social networks, increasingly downloaded by traditional media without any type of control and critical attitude.

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