Tioni Theus Death – Obituary, 16 Years Old Found On Side Of Freeway

Tioni Theus Death

Tioni Theus Death – Obituary: As per authorities, her remains were buried beside a 110 Freeway on-ramp at Manchester Street, many miles to the north of the Claremont home. Movements to raise greater awareness of a child’s death were filed inside the Council as well as the La County Supervisory board on Tuesday evening. Toni was hit in the chest with a bullet. Authorities in L.a. are contemplating a joint $60,000 prize with the city for led to the arrest and punishment of the individual who murdered 16-year-old Toni Theus, whose remains were found on the highway on and in L.a. earlier this month.

Who Killed Tioni Theus?

Even during the County board session, District Representative Holly Mitchell proposed a $10,000 incentive. Mitchell’s petition was voted to approve, according to Lenee Richards, a supervisory spokesman. At Sunday’s Council Meeting, Councilmembers There More & Marqueece Henry approved a bill for a $50,000 prize, while L.A. “Tioni was a young woman full of potential, enthusiasm, and energy, having Sweet lord abilities and gifts to share with the globe. The resolution before the Local Authority is anticipated to be voted on next. “It’s terrible to think that perpetrator or perpetrators of her murder are at large

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Who Killed Tioni Theus? Cause Of Death, 16 Years Old Found On Side Of Freeway, Suspect & Killer Name Revealed!

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