The Langford And Turner Families Announces The Passing Away Of Nicole

Nicole Death – Obituary, Langford Announces The Death Of Nicole

We have learnt lately from a Langford Family Support, the sudden and unexpected passing away of Nicole, who was described by the Langford and Turner family as was the most kind, a nice, friendly, and patient individual one will ever wish or pray to meet.

Circumstances surrounding the sudden death of the deceased is unknown at this time of reporting her sad demise, as it was not disclosed by the reporter of her death, a member of the Turner family, via a gofund me page on Tuesday, the 2nd of February, 2022.

According to reports from the Langford family it was further expressed that ”Throughout the many years of the deceased at the Byron Center community, she has touched the hearts of an uncountable amount of both students and staff, teaching orchestra at all levels in the Byron Center schools…………”

They also took time time to heap praise on the deceased for her her kind and good heart as she was always ready to serve the community and for this reason she will not be forgotten. The reporter also sent the condolences of the community to the family of the deceased as they send their love and support to the family.

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