The full death report detailing the circumstances leading to Bob Saget’s death


The full death report detailing the circumstances leading to Bob Saget’s passing has now been made public. Many people were startled when he suddenly passed away unexpectedly on January 9. The investigation states that Saget’s death was primarily caused by head trauma. The autopsy revealed that Saget was still COVID-19 positive at the time of his death, which may have contributed to his feeling unwell and falling and hitting his head.

Images from the study demonstrate that Bob Saget’s hotel room was in excellent shape at the time of his death, with nothing unusual in the images. According to the allegations, his bed was changed, his rental car keys, phone, glasses, headphones, and other minor items were photographed, some toiletries were on the counter, and his phone, glasses, and other small stuff were on a nightstand. The images generally show that it appeared how you would anticipate a hotel room to appear when someone is actually staying in it. The report also included deleted bodycam footage from the responding police, as well as a fan’s snapshot taken at 2:13 AM, which is thought to be the final image of the suspect.

Rosalie Cocc, a Ponte Vedra Concert Hall employee, is heard on audio stating that Bob Saget wasn’t feeling well before his stand-up performance on January 8th, most likely as a result of the symptoms of his COVID illness, according to PEOPLE. According to the story, Saget probably banged the back of his head on something, resulting in a head injury, and may have gone to sleep without realizing it. In addition, the report, the family, and the images of the room all support the autopsy’s conclusion that there was no use of drugs or alcohol.

The story would go on to claim that the headboard was padded and that Bob Saget’s hotel room was mostly carpeted. According to the incident report and autopsy, Saget suffered severe fractures to the back of his head and the area around his eyes, which were most likely the result of a blunt force collision with something hard covered in soft material, such as a fall onto a carpeted floor or a collision with a padded headboard.

Bob Saget’s passing is a genuine tragedy because he is survived by his wife Kelly Rizzo, his three kids Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer Saget, as well as a large fan base. At the time of his death, Saget was just 65 years old and still touring with his stand-up act. The day after his passing, the family was given a temporary injunction to prevent the dissemination of photographs and audio recordings. On March 14, a permanent injunction was granted to the family, allowing them to mourn Saget’s demise in privacy. The public’s access to the full written death record should answer any queries fans may have regarding his demise and what caused it.

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