Tamara Romanova, Member Of The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous Has Died

Tamara Romanova Death

Tamara Romanova Death – Obituary, St. Petersburg, Russia Member Is Dead

The entirety of ”The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous” which is a group that provides financial support to non Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust and teaches the history of the Holocaust, have made known the sudden death of one of their very own Tamara Romanova of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The cause of the death of the aged member of the above named association was not mentioned by the great group, it was only reported that the deceased had passed away just two months shy of her 100th birthday. She was a great and blessed member and will be forever remembered by them.

Here is the information from the group ” We mourn the passing of Tamara Romanova from St. Petersburg, Russia. She passed away just two months shy of her 100th birthday………..”

We extend sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and her many friends, we ask that God grants them the fortitude to bear the sad and great loss of their beloved. We also send thoughts and prayers to the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, we ask that God comfort them at this time of losing a great and active member.

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