Solomon Shloimy Lunger Announces Death Of Friend Ross Nichols

Ross Nichols Death

Ross Nichols Death – Obituary, Ross Nichols Has Passed Away

The Jacks speed shop member was recently before his sudden death telling his friend who made official his demise of his plans for the bumpside Crewcab he just picked up, and according to Solomon Lunger, he and the deceased had plans to hang out at Grand Nats in a few months, but this has been shattered by the sad news of Ross.

Solomon Shloimy Lunger a Host at F100 Talk Podcast who is the Marketing Director at Elite Wheel Warehouse, and also the Owner and a Photographer at Solomon Lunger Photography, who Studied Motorsports Chassis Fabrication at WyoTech, Laramie has made official the sudden and unexpected passing away of Ross Nichols, on Wednesday, the 2nd of February, 2022.

Just like the friend of the deceased Solomon, Ross’s demise is indeed a great loss to all who knew him as he was so friendly to all . The deceased at a particular time built his 1969 F100. Ross will be forever cherished by all for the time they spent together.

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