Smith Fields, Connecticut Woman Dead Following Date With An Online Lover

Smith Fields Death

Lauren Smith Fields Death – Obituary, Lauren Smith Fields Cause Of Death

Lauren Smith Fields, a Connecticut woman has died following a date with a man she met online, she was believed to have passed on due to the use of excessive drugs and alcohol, which has been ruled by officers as an accident by the state chief medical examiner’s office in a report filed across on the 25th of January 2022.

Smith gave up the ghost on December 12 after she suffered from what seems to be acute intoxication from combined effects of fentanyl, a powerful opioid and Promethazine which is used to treat allergies. She was with the man she invited over in her Bridgeport apartment when the man reportedly called the police that he found her unresponsive, when he woke up.

Reports further revealed that ”The police department has been racially insensitive to this family and has treated this family with no respect and has violated their civil rights”. The chief medical examiner, Dr. James Gill, on Tuesday in an email claimed he could not discuss precise information of the case, as his office is only permitted to release information only on death certificates, not other related issues.

We commiserate with the family of the deceased we ask that God comfort and stand by them at this time of mourning their beloved who has passed away unexpectedly. We also send thoughts, prayers and condolences to the numerous friends of the deceased, we ask that they also be comforted.

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