Shooting at Copenhagen’s-Harry Styles fans praise Danish police for attack response


Copenhagen’s tragic shooting on Sunday night shocked both the city and the nation of Denmark.

However, amid the sorrow and the mayhem, the police response has received plaudits from all affected, including those at the Fields shopping center where it happened and among Harry, Styles fans gathered for a nearby performance that was abruptly canceled.

One concertgoer expressed her admiration for the safety measures taken by the police and the organizers, as well as their consideration for the young concertgoers by notifying their parents and giving an escort to a secure train station.

While the Copenhagen bombing may not have directly harmed fans, it was only a mile away, and as news of the attack’s unfolding spread on cell phones, many fans understandably felt frightened.

One explained how the situation’s gravity gradually became apparent.

Cause of the tragic shooting at Copenhagen’s

Journalist Jessica Lawrence claimed that she initially learned about the incident while she was driving to the concert. The concert was first postponed following negotiations between the promoters and the police, and it was ultimately called off while supporters inside the arena questioned whether it was safer for them to remain seated or leave.

She told the BBC that panic and anxiety didn’t start to set in until she began receiving texts from her friends and relatives asking if she was okay and safe. Jan Muller, a different fan, claimed that when the decision to postpone the concert was made, the place was successfully evacuated.

She told the BBC, “They organized transportation for everyone extremely swiftly.” They had a police escort from the location to a neighboring railway station before getting everyone out of the epicenter to another train station that was somewhat distant but definitely strategic.

As parents were waiting for them at the following train stop, they phoned everyone’s parents in the interim, which I thought was extremely thoughtful given that his audience is primarily females under the age of 18.

Styles tweeted that he was “heartbroken together with the people of Copenhagen” and “devastated for the victims” in an effort to comfort fans.

“I’m sorry we were unable to meet up. Please take care of one another “he said.

Maximillian von Renteln, who was “just outside” the mall at the time of the incident, thanked police for acting quickly while also describing the fear and confusion individuals experienced as they boarded a bus to flee.

Armed police reportedly boarded the bus, but they immediately left after searching for a man carrying a rucksack.

He told the BBC, “I’m happy with the police and how quickly they responded… especially when you compare it to a situation like in Texas recently,” alluding to the shooting at a school in Uvalde last month that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers and left local police under investigation for their response.

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