Sam Little Death – Obituary, Sam Little has passed away

Sam Little Death – Obituary: Sam Little has passed away unexpectedly. His death has been confirmed by Talons, through an online post. The circumstances surrounding his death has not been made public at the time of this publication.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our friend and Talons violinist Sam Little”, Talons announced.

“It is hard to describe just how special a person Sam was, immensely creative, endlessly inquisitive, adventurous, brave, caring and just a fascinating person to be around. We have shared countless amazing memories together as a band, but it is when you look back on some of the small moments: van journeys, ferry crossings, waiting for soundchecks, that you remember what made our relationship so special. Sam always had this amazing ability to find humour in the absurdity and thrills of life’s quirks, with a unique knack for storytelling and infectious positivity that we will forever miss.

“His creative presence in the band pushed us all to be more adventurous but also never lose sight of what made this band fun in the first place. His love of life was deeply inspiring and being with Sam you felt anything, no matter how outlandish, could be possible.

“He was a dreamer of big ideas, at times uncompromising in his vision but always because he cared so much. His infectious laugh and ability to never take things too seriously made him the perfect companion and above all an incredible friend. If you had the pleasure to meet Sam, you will know what an amazing presence he was and why he will always be so sorely missed.

“Sam was an accomplished artist, having exhibited his work as part of the Jerwood Drawing Prize. He took great pleasure in crafting, tinkering and making, processes which manifested themselves in his journey toward becoming an Architect; picking up a Commendation in the prestigious RIBA Bronze Medal awards. His unique perspective, ability to listen and desire to challenge convention saw him carve a niche through architectural teaching and practice in London and beyond.

“Through thick and thin, our collective friendship has given the band its central meaning, to lose Sam feels completely devastating. We don’t know what we will do next but hope to celebrate Sam’s amazing life in whatever way feels right. Life can be incredibly fleeting; cherish the moments you have with people you love and find the beauty and excitement in life that Sam always did.”

He will greatly be missed by many.

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