Police have identified two sisters, found dead inside their Canterbury home-Cause of Death

Police have identified two sisters, and found them dead inside their Canterbury home:

Police have named two sisters who were discovered dead inside a flat in Sydney’s southwest as the investigation into their “suspicious” deaths progresses.
When Asra and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli’s bodies were discovered on June 7 in different rooms of their Canterbury home, police said they believed they had “been there for some time.”
Their landlord had called the police after growing concerned over food left in the complex’s common spaces.

Today, Burwood Police Detective Inspector Claudia Allcroft said, “The circumstances are a little peculiar.”

The females, who were 23 and 24, “died together in their house; given their age and the circumstances, this is exceptional.”
The sisters’ post-mortems have been finished, but the cause of death is still unknown, leading police to reissue their appeal.

In agreement with the coroner, we have decided to release their names while our investigation is still ongoing, Allcroft said.

In 2017, the pair traveled from Saudi Arabia to Australia, but prior to that, police claimed they “don’t know a lot about the girls.”
In the course of our investigation, we have spoken to a number of people, but we still need more information from the public, Allcroft added.

“Any information, no matter how little you think it could be, might help us figure out what happened before the fatalities,” the statement continued.
The coroner’s report is still pending for the police.

The investigation continues.

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