Peter Robbins Death – Obituary, Who is Peter Robbins?

Peter Robbins Death

Peter Robbins Death – Obituary: Peter Robbins, the actor who first gave voice to the beloved Peanuts character Charlie Brown, has died at age 65.

“Robbins’ family said he took his own life last week,” reports Fox 5 TV in San Diego. Phil Blauer, an anchor at the station, was a longtime friend of Robbins. Over the years, he also helped to chronicle Robbins’ struggles with mental health.

“My heart is broken today,” Blauer tweeted on Tuesday as he reported the news of Robbins’ death. He added, “May he rest in peace and soar in heaven. I only hope he finally kicks the football among the angels.”

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Peter Robbins, who voiced Charlie Brown in the 1960s, has died

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