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Patrick Crossen Death – Obituary: Heartbroken to hear of the passing of Patrick Crossen. Although it was expected, part of me always hoped I would see him again. He has left a mark on my professional and personal life and I will never forget his kindness or his humor. I worked for many years in a challenging environment. I was a civilian female in my twenties working in a field that was dominated by men of strong personalities, egos, and firearms. He always treated me with respect. He welcomed my input and opinion. He was a powerful and well-respected man, and he signaled to the room that I had value and I will always be grateful to him for that. (Although I don’t kid myself I literally held the purse strings. I was the checkbook to millions of dollars and he wanted stuff) He is a large part of the reason I stuck it out in that difficult role for seven years, and I credit him for helping me form much of my work style and ethic. He always brought humor to the work.

This is quite the skill when you are at times trapped in a room for potentially days at a time contemplating the potential human collateral tied to this decision vs. that. It requires a special kind of person who can simultaneously lighten the mood in that room while also grounding the conversation in the severity of the discussion. Protecting the public, and particularly keeping safe those under his command were always his top priorities. I can still hear his regular refrain in my ears “I get it. You’re trying to protect the taxpayer’s dollar. I’m just over here trying to protect the taxpayer” with his grin and wink. Or any time someone tried cutting the corners on his latest grant request/equipment order/scope. “I’m sorry. I’ll sharpen my pencil. I didn’t realize I was supposed to be planning for a sunny day”

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