Miyagi Pocock, Burgers and Brew Chico Crepeville, Inc., Member Is Dead

Miyagi Pocock Death

Miyagi Pocock Death – Obituary, Miyagi Pocock Has Passed Away

Burgers and Brew Chico Crepeville, Inc., family, and the Sacrament Brewing Company have reportedly lost a great instrument, Miyagi Pocock, who has been part of the Crepeville, Inc. family for a period of time said to be close to 12 years.

Deceased Miyagi who was praised by the group and tagged as a kind soul and a friend like no other, was said to be loved and so much respected by all who came into the famous B&B as they randomly spent alot of time talking to him and were easily instantly drawn to his friendliness and great ability to connect with anyone no matter the background or any other thing that differentiates them from him.

He was always having a smile on as each time he was entertaining. Well known for his beer ninja skills in and around Chico the deceased reportedly took a great amount of pride in not only bringing in exceptional beers into the area but also finding a kind of beer that would match his customers or their present mood.

He is survived by his loving and beautiful wife and his five kids. The deceased Miyagi was an amazing father and will be greatly missed by his wife Elizabeth.


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