May Orli Obituary – Death, May Orli’s Cause Of Death

May Orli's Obituary

May Orli’s Obituary – Death

According to tributes from Martin Raffel, who is Former Senior VP Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and Ayelet Sheffey, we have learnt of the sad and unexpected passing away of 19 year old May Orli, on Sunday, the 13th day in the month of February, year 2022.

May Orli’s Obituary – Death, Cause Of Death

The circumstances surrounding the death of the 19 year old is unknown at this time of reporting her passsing away. It has not been disclosed by any member of her family, nor friends and well wishers. It was only said by her sister Ayelet Sheffey, that Orli had passed away suddenly.

Tributes And Condolences

We extend sincere and most heartfelt condolences to the family friends, and well wishers, we ask that God almighty grant the soul of the deceased repose in his bosom. And pardon all the shortcomings and excesses. May his Gentle and loving soul rest peacefully.

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