Manchester Great Boxing Legend And Icon Brian Hughes Passes Away

Brian Hughes Death

Brian Hughes Death – Obituary, Brian Hughes Has Died – It is indeed a sad and unpleasant news for the fans and lovers of boxing as one of its legend who was instrumental in making Manchester a great boxing city, Brian Hughes has passed away, The cause of his sudden demise is unknown at this time of reporting his demise, as it has not been disclosed.

The entirety of the World Boxing Foundation, UK and European Supervisor, known for Serving Boxing Worldwide Since 1988 with Professionalism and sense of Integrity, also took to their official page to pay their last respect to the great boxing legend and icon.

Brian Hughes was a gentle man and due to his impact and involvement, many lives changed in Manchester, and his great community. A beloved fan of the deceased also labeled him as ”“The Godfather of Boxing” as his many impact in the game is well known by all who are involved in the trade and his legacy be emulated by the talented boxers at Thomas Macdonagh.

Another person who took to their online page to pay their last respect to the great icon via a tribute called the deceased ”A true teacher of the game who will be missed deeply”. We deeply commiserate and send our thoughts to his friends, family and everyone he had impact on their lives in one way or the other.

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