Man Blames A Local Bank For The Death Of His Dad

Keith Moore Obituary

Keith Obituary – Death, Keith Cause Of Death –  A man by the name Geoffrey Moore has hurled blames on a local bank, following the death of Keith his father on 28th, November, year 2021. Geoffrey’s parents were running a joint account before the death of his dad Keith, but unfortunately there was a credit card of his dad, they needed the local bank to help them cancel.

He filed a letter of complaint to the local branch, stating what he and his widowed mother wanted the bank to help them with, but he had used a format he learnt from Sun Tzu in the Art of War, unknown to him that, Sun Tzu is not on the Bank’s management curriculum.

It all appeared to be well not until his mum went to use her card via an internet banking machine and the CRN Locked out. He returned to the bank and was asked to cancel all other cards attached, since he was the initial card holder, which he agreed to do.

Now they were left with two options, its either they apply for a new credit card or get a debit card which is linked to the account, they went for the 2nd option with a view of the bank considering the aged widow who was now on a pension and is applying for a credit card.

The needed pin for the activation was made and it was given but there was another problem as destruction of the pin requires the action done through the Bank’s App. On their next visitation to the bank they encountered a new problem as they saw a signaling that long haired freaky people aren’t allowed to apply.

He immediately tried communicating with a bank employee via the phone and was instructed by the representative to download the App assuring him that all will be good, he in turn asks if the reverse was the case, but the representative assured that all will be good.

Unfortunately for him it failed again and he was asked by a second representative to visit a branch, and this time he was forced to reach a conclusion that banks are a system unto themselves prior to the belief that claims they are for the laws of nature, so therefore they will have to wait until local branch opens in a weeks’ time.

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