Maddi Rodriguez, Cause Of Death, Obituary, Maddi Rodriguez Has Passed away

Maddi Rodriguez Obituary – Death

According to reports from Illinois Esprit Flanigan, which is an IL Esprit, and based out of Southern IL, a select fastpitch team, we learnt that Maddi Rodriguez, who was hardworking, amazing, and a brilliant young woman, also very funny, entertaining and kind has passed away on Monday, the 14th of February, 2022 in a car wreck.

Maddi Rodriguez Obituary – Death, Cause Of Death

Maddi Rodriguez, according to reports was a victim of a car accident on the above mentioned date, although the nature and cause of the accident has not been announced, it is believed she had lost her life in the terrific car wreck.

Biography Of The Deceased

The deceased brought an incredible work ethic, great love and passion for the game, great sense of belonging and sense of humor, and was also an unmatched larger than life personality full of joy to the team at the Illinois Esprit.

Tributes And Condolences

We extend sincere and most heartfelt condolences to the family friends, and well wishers, we ask that God almighty grant the soul of the deceased repose in his bosom. And pardon all the shortcomings and excesses. May his Gentle and loving soul rest peacefully. We keep the Rodriguez family in our thoughts and prayers.

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