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Langhorne McCook Bond Obituary

Langhorne McCook Bond Death – Obituary, Langhorne McCook Bond Cause Of Death: Langhorne McCook Bond, who led the Federal Aviation Administration during the Carter administration and prepared the agency with a detailed plan to manage the air traffic controllers’ strike shortly after Ronald Reagan took office, died Jan. 29, 2022, in Marshall, after a long illness.

Mr. Bond was 84 years old and came from an aviation family. His father William Langhorne Bond – the subject of a book, China’s Wings, by Gregory Crouch – was an aviation pioneer who led the China National Aviation Corp. and opened aviation in China before the Second World War.

One of the deadliest aviation accidents in U.S. history took place on Langhorne Bond’s watch at the FAA when an American Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC 10 crashed moments after takeoff from Chicago on May 25, 1979, killing all 258 passengers and 13 crew onboard and two people on the ground. Maintenance issues were ultimately found responsible for the crash and inspired a passion for safety that led Mr. Bond to work on everything from safer helmets and protective gear for horsemen to championing Loran and e-Loran as a backup system for the widely adopted Global Positioning System (GPS), which had been found to be vulnerable to jamming. Both were pro bono activities for Mr. Bond.

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