Labor MP for the State Seat of Eltham Announces The Death Of Geoff Mathews

Geoff Mathews' Death

Geoff Mathews’ Death – Obituary, Geoff Mathews Is Dead

Vicki Ward MP for Eltham, Labor MP for the State Seat of Eltham. Parliamentary Secretary for Transport has made official the sudden and unexpected passing away of Geoff Mathews. The deceased Mathews was described as the loveliest human, the nicest and kindest human one can ever meet.

The Lollypop Man was said to have recently tested positive of Covid on Sunday, the 31st of January, which is just few days before his death, so it is suspected he passed away as a result of the deadly pandemic that has broken out since 2019 and ravaged the world.

His death is not only a big loss to his family and friends, the entirely community where he lived are also mourning this sad loss at this time. The deceased in his lifetime gave himself generously to all who he saw, and always had the biggest hand waves, and the sloppiest kisses on the cheek.

He was an encyclopaediea of knowledge and great skills as he knew close to everything about so many things. The deceased’s colorful lifestyle and character gave so many something to rest and rely upon, He will be greatly missed as he was so muchly loved.

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