Kellie Brennan Death – Obituary; Who is Kellie Brennan?

Kellie Brennan Death

Kellie Brennan Death – Obituary: Major Kelly Brennan said former defense chief General Jonathan Vance told her he was “untouchable” and “owned” the gendarmerie. She added: “He and I had two children.”

Global News reached out to Vance in February about the allegations. When asked if he was the father of one specific child, Vance said: “I’m not.” When asked if he was the father of another specific child, he said: “I don’t even know who these people are. Who.”

For legal reasons, Global News had not previously reported the allegations. Witnesses testifying before parliamentary committees are protected from prosecution for defamation.

Global News reached out to Vance again after Brennan’s testimony. “Personally, he and I had two children. He’s not responsible for paying or letting those children be his responsibility. It’s entirely up to me,” Brennan told the House of Commons committee on the status of women on Thursday night.

Kellie Brennan Cause Of Death

She also recounted what she said was the comment, when she asked the military police investigating her allegations, if the individual facing the charge was the former Chief of Defense Staff – “CDS”, as the character was colloquially known as “CDS”, whether they had the right to do so Do.

“I asked the [Canadian Army National Bureau of Investigation] bluntly if they had the authority to investigate if they had the authority to bring charges, but they wouldn’t answer me,” she said.

“The answer is no because as CDS told me, he is untouchable. He owns CFNIS.”

Kellie Brennan Obituary

Brennan appeared as part of a parliamentary inquiry to change the culture within the Canadian Armed Forces to prevent sexual misconduct.

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