Karen Read Free On $50,000 Bail In Death Of Boyfriend Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe

Update: Karen Read, the girlfriend of Boston Police officer John O’Keefe, was released on $50,000 bail Wednesday, shortly after she appeared in court to face charges related to his death over the weekend at the start of the blizzard.

Read, 41, pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, motor vehicle homicide, and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle collision causing death in Stoughton District Court Wednesday as new details in the case were revealed.

Prosecutor Adam Lally said Read and O’Keefe, who was off-duty, had been to two bars early Saturday morning and left to go to a home on Fairview Road home in Canton. Read told investigators she dropped O’Keefe off around 12:45 a.m., made a three-point turn, and left, but did not see O’Keefe go inside the house.

According to her attorney, she became worried around 4:30 a.m. because O’Keefe hadn’t come home so she called him several times but got no response.

The prosecutor said Read reached out to a friend who drove her back to the Fairview Road home where they met the woman who lived there. Read allegedly said, “Could I have hit him? Did I hit him?” as they tried to figure out what happened to O’Keefe. Read also allegedly told one of the women, “I wonder if he’s dead. It’s snowing. He got hit by a plow.”

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