How to Make Money Online Without any Form Of Investment

Many people, when trying to make money online, over-think what they can do in one year and take a little look at what they can do in ten years.



That’s why I often tell new bloggers to focus on the first $100 rather than the $ 100K figure.


Having said that, how could it be, that we could create a brand new blog and in just 30 days later, we have earned over $ 5000?


Today’s post will answer that question.


Income Diary Blueprint Online Monetization

Idea -> Take Action -> Create a Brand -> Create Content -> No Leak Law -> Blog Funnel System -> Free course


Step 1: How to Come up with Website Ideas | Solve the Problem


All the best websites start with problem solving.


At Income Diary we focus on making “money online niche”.


Making money online is something that many people are interested in, from different demographics.


As soon as we started we had people asking us how to start their first blog.


And once they started their blog, how could they make money with it?


Some even asked us to build our own websites.


There was a PROBLEM with people seeking help in solving it!


From the responses we received and from our research it became clear that there was a need.

But how do we make money from this need?


In the case of Income Diary we knew that most of the money we earn would come from related links.


That’s where we started.


If you are a blogger for the first time you will need a domain, hosting, blog design, email list management.


Luckily there are a lot of interactive service programs like this and in any case we needed all of these services ourselves.


For example if someone subscribed to a domain, hosting and blog structure through our links below, we could earn $100.


All we had to do was convince 50 people to follow our advice and we would earn $ 5000.


Step 3: Making Money Online – Create a Brand


Marketing is not something most people think about.


But making a mark is important. That’s what someone thinks of your website.


When people think of Income Diary, we want them to think of it, an authoritative website that teaches people how to make money online.


To achieve this, we have done a few things:



You want it to be easy to remember, spell easily and you want it to be .com.


When I build a website, I don’t start until I find a domain that I think is good enough.


Sometimes it makes sense to buy a domain that is already registered from Domain Broker.


For example, was purchased for $ 100 at blogger.


We also paid $ 2000 for our sister site – – through a domain seller.

Step 4: Making Money Online – Create Compulsive Content

To make money, we needed to get cars first. To get traffic, we first had to create some interesting content.


We talked a lot about content creation.


The strategy for getting more traffic to the blog is simple – create amazing content.


See this post as an example:


Post topic is something people want to learn about

  • More than 2000 words (middle page of good page has more than 2000 words)
  • Easy to learn (checked spelling, grammar, post style)
  • The title draws the reader in
  • Provides real value
  • Post photos add value to posts


Step 5: How to Make Money Online – Apply the Rewards Act


The rule of thumb is when you create a website in such a way that the reader subscribes to what you promote, or leaves your website.


Let me explain:


The goal of Income Diary is to get people to sign up for our email list. Now in order to achieve this effectively, we need to keep distractions to a minimum.


That means you have no ad ads, no blog, no top comment links and more…


When a website visitor leaves our website to look for an advertiser, we do not sign up for our email list.


It’s the same reason we don’t want to link to guest bloggers at the bottom of the blog post, because when our visitors check out their website, they don’t subscribe to our list.


Step 6: Make Money Online – Use the Blog Properties Program

This is about getting your guests to where you want them to go, or rather, how to put them where you want them to be.


The goal of our blog is to get people to subscribe to our email list.


That’s how we make most of our money.


To achieve this, we find most of our subscribers using popup using Option. Read this post: how we use Option.


The longer a person stays on the site, the more likely they are to sign up and make money.


Step 7: Make Money Online – Offer Free course (eBook, Video or White Paper)


When we started Income Diary, not many bloggers offered incentives to sign up for a mailing list.


Those who have done so, often offer free eBooks.


I liked the idea of ​​the free eBook but there was one problem.


I wanted students to take action and if they get too much information at once, they will feel frustrated and less likely to follow my lead. So instead, we decided to split up what we wanted to teach and give it to the subscribers within 7 days.


We’ve named it: Free 7 Day course To Create Your First Profitable Blog


I can tell everyone who subscribes that “You may have to spend money if you want to make money” – not just a small amount of money if you really want to commit to blogging. (Less than $ 100). I have included special offers for domain names and hosting discounts such as getting your first 1 cent hosting months and coupon codes.


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