How to Make Money for Your Blog the Right Way

How to Monetize Your Blog the Right Way-


There are many options when it comes to monetizing blogging – affiliate marketing, advertising, online courses, individual training, consultation, sponsored posts, selling virtual products, etc. Some of these revenue streams require more traffic than others. .


That’s why it’s important to plan your future investment strategy with the right ways to make money in the right places in the life cycle of your blog.


1. Plan Your Monetization Time with a Future Blog

For example, if you have just created a new travel blog, it makes no sense to place ads on your entire site. Those tactics require hundreds of thousands of visitors every month to make good money.


Similarly, you should not start affiliate marketing and combine a bunch of links everywhere in the beginning either. Generating affiliate marketing revenue may require thousands of visitors to make a single sale.


Yes, you can eventually find a place where you generate “revenue” through integrated marketing, courses, ad revenue, and digital products, but that can take years.


What if you want to start making money with your blog to quit your job in 3 months?


The good news?


The most profitable way to monetize a blog can be used from Day 1 and does not require a lot of traffic.


Your blog’s full-time line of revenue will focus on increasing revenue at each stage of your blog’s growth.


There are four different areas of focus:


  • 1-90 days: Top consultation (0-1,000 monthly site visitors)
  • 90-180 days: Affiliate marketing (1,000-2,500 monthly site visitors)
  • 180-365 days: Your first online course (5,000+ monthly site visitors)
  • 365 days and more: Study membership (10,000+ monthly site visitors)

It might seem absurd to start a conversation if you are a new blog without a lot of traffic. However, because you build relationships and manage your blog as a business, you can get top customers from day one.


This post will focus first on 1-90 days and how to improve your high quality sales platform to make blogging money right away.


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2. Be the Best Sales for Your Blog

Your sales channel will have 5 key areas that lead users down the road to your ultimate goal of offering $ 3,000 + high-quality consultation. As you increase traffic, you can focus on offering lower prices like online courses, related products, sponsored posts, and digital downloads. However, the most profitable way to make money with a new blog is an expensive contribution from the beginning.


It is a simple act of measuring revenue as you increase your traffic. When your blog becomes new and with less traffic you have, your value should be higher for compensation:


Low Traffic x High Value = High Traffic x Low Value


Here are five steps to reducing sales:


  • The user reads your blog’s high quality content related to your top offer
  • Opt in to your email list to get one “free” page subscription
  • Optional: Add a low-cost donation of about $ 50-200 to build trust (we will add this down)
  • Your default email series tells the story and puts them on track to set up a meeting with you
  • Finally, your eligible B2B customers set up a meeting with you and pay for your high level of consultation.
  • To get a brand new blog, all you need is your first five blog posts, one “free” page entry, email and listing, and consultation page.


I will repeat: you are a business owner, not a blogger.


Think of all those local business websites that seem to be straightforward since 1996 – automotive mechanics, financial services, real estate sites, etc. They may be lucky enough to get a few hundred visits / monthly visits. But their website brings in money because they fill a need in the market and provide a solution with superior services.


Your blog should have a service that meets the market demand from day one.


The first focus of your new blog is not to write too many blog posts that no one will find. Instead, focus on having just five high-quality columns, a consultation page, and a diagram for a diagram. Your sales access will do the rest.


3. Hold Your Best Gift of Consultation

As we discussed, when choosing your niche, you need to have a dial-up sales model with the ultimate goal of converting $ 3,000 + sales to business customers.


From day one, your goal in blogging is to drive traffic to your consultation page. This page is required for your advanced navigation and includes keyword research on the terms of your top business clients typing on Google.


Make sure the page has your professional image and easy ways to contact you.


Your home page, the Start Here page, about page, and blog posts should be linked to your Discussion page. Also, when contributing guest posts, you should add a link to this page in your guest author history. Here’s how mine looks with bright links:


Ray Phelan is a content marketing consultant and blogger. She lives in Suffolk County, NY, and writes about blogging as a starting point .https: //


4. Use the Magic Login Formula

When you create your sales channel, you need to use the email marketing software that comes with the local email login tool to generate more email subscribers.


What is the magic formula?


Convert Kit + OptinMonster


ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool for bloggers.


Good for a few main reasons:


You can create advanced email channels based on different site actions to personalize your site. Note: 59% of customers say that personalization affects their decision making

Next, you can create drag-and-drop campaigns together based on actions within emails.

Lastly, it is ideal for bloggers because their text emails look professional and do not have annoying brands like MailChimp and other forums.

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