Freeway shooting! One Man Killed in Freeway Shooting

Update; Los Angeles: This afternoon, two men were shot at while driving northbound on the 110 freeway.
At about 2:10 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, 47-year old James Wiggins and 43-year old Willie Burke, both residents of Los Angeles, were driving northbound on the 110 freeway just south of Redondo Beach Blvd in Wiggins’ 1997 white Pontiac Grand Am.

Without warning, from a vehicle on the driver’s side of the victim’s car, suspect(s) fired several times from an unknown type of handgun. Mr. Wiggins, the driver, was struck in the upper torso and head by the gunshots, causing his vehicle to veer off the freeway, onto the shoulder, and collide with a wall.

A private ambulance crew from American Medical Response witnessed the traffic collision and rendered first aid to Mr. Wiggins. Mr. Wiggins was taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Center where he died as a result of his injuries.
Mr. Burke, the passenger in the vehicle, sustained injuries caused by the traffic collision and is in stable condition.
The suspect(s) continued northbound on the 110 Freeway. There is no description of the suspect(s) or suspect’s vehicle at this time

The motive is unknown. There is no indication of the victims being involved in any dispute with motorists while they were driving..Click to read more from source

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