Father Of Two, Ronnie ‘Steven’ Swisher Has Died

Ronnie Swisher Obituary

Ronnie Swisher Obituary – Death, Ronnie Steven Has Passed Away

We have learnt lately of the sudden and unexpected passing away of Ronnie Steven Swisher on Friday, February 4th, 2022. The circumstances surrounding the sad and unexpected death of Steven Swisher is unknown at this time of reporting the sad exit as it has not been announced by the family of the deceased.

Deceased Ronnie was greatly and genuinely cherished and loved by his daughters, as they both enjoyed dirt bikes, the lake and mechanics together in his lifetime. The deceased was also said to have a kind of big heart and always wished everyone he came across the best.

He was loved by all for his great sense of belonging and sense of humor, and will be greatly missed by them as they never expected or thought of his demise at this time. Steven was preceded in death by his mother, Lori Swisher and survived by children, many aunts, uncles, and all other members of his extended family and friends.

The deceased’s desire to help others will continually live on in their hearts. He was loved by all and will be greatly missed.


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