Dr Mike McDonnell Obituary, Death – An extraordinary man who always used his many talents for the public good has passed away

Dr Mike McDonnell Obituary

Dr. Mike McDonnell Death – Obituary: Born in Greenock in 1939, he was a contemporary of other celebrated Greenock loons such as Richard Wilson, Ron Sandford, Bill Bryden, and Malky McCoig. His father, Bill McDonnell, was a secondary school Maths teacher and part-time scriptwriter, who wrote for Glasgow show business stars and for the forces Entertainments National Service Association (ENSA), entertaining the troops during World War 2. After their father died intestate of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 48, Mike, his brother John, sisters Bessie and Viki and their mother, Molly, knew sad times and hard times.

On his mother’s side, Mike came from a long line of master mariners (one of whom had once been wrecked in Shetland). By the time he enrolled as a medical student at Glasgow University, he was already exploring the Clyde estuary in a kayak and being a bit of a nuisance as a protestor to the American nuclear submarine base in the Holy Loch, bravely facing being ferociously hosed down by the submariners. Mike and his mates often took to the water late at night, after a ‘jar’, as their kayaks were (too) conveniently laid up close to their ‘local’. One episode led to a charge of piracy after they decide to board and check out a yacht moored close by, a hilarious tale that he loved to tell, over and over again. Yes, Mike did repeat his stories, but they were legion, they were hugely entertaining and most of them bore repetition.

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