Dr. Chau Sik Ting, Former MP For Thomson Has Passed Away At Age 82

Chau Sik Ting Obituary

Chau Sik Ting Obituary – Death, Chau Sik Ting Has Passed Away

The former MP for Thomson, who served between the years of 1980 and 1984, was 82-years-old, Dr Chau Sik Ting has passed away suddenly on Friday, the 11th day in the month of February, in the year 2022.

According to information gathered from a direct source closely related to the deceased, we learnt that Dr Chau was born in 1940 and he spent his childhood days living in the San Wah Hotel on Bencoolen Street which his father Chao Yoke San operated.

He attended Catholic High and later went on to further his education at the St. Joseph’s Institution, Chau secured a university scholarship and later went for his housemanship at SGH and KKH and later on joined the police as a medical officer. In the year 1967, Chau got married to Mdm Patricia Wong Wai Yee.

Deceased Chau purposed in his heart to make a move to practice occupational medicine, and he joined the then Jurong Shipyard as their medical officer, Chau with the help and assistance of Drs Phoon Wai Onn and Chew Pin Kee established the then Society of Occupational Medicine, which now stands as the Occupational and Environmental Health Society.

According to the deceased’s profile his father encouraged he and his four siblings to focus on their education before considering involvement in politics or the grassroots, and this made him refuse invitations from his Deputy General Manager at Jurong Shipyard Comrade Low Guan Onn in 1972, and Comrade Dr Ho Kah Leong in 1976 to stand for elections. He in his heart had wanted to wait for his children to be older and to place his medical practice on firmer footing.

The deceased later in 1980 was elected unopposed into the Parliament and took over from Comrade Ang Nam Piau, and in the year 1984, the deceased retired from politics so as to spend more time with his family and loved ones.

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