Douglas Trumbull Death – Obituary, Visual Effects Artist On 2001: A Space Odyssey Dead At 79

Douglas Trumbull Death

Douglas Trumbull Death – Obituary: Three-time Oscar nominee, Douglas Trumbull dies at the age of 79. Douglas Trumbull was born in Los Angeles, his father, Don Trumbull was a Mechanical Engineer and Visual effects who worked in movies such as, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Star Wars: Episode IV”, etc. His mother, Marcia was an artist. Born and raised in a family surrounded by a creative environment, Douglas was surrounded by ideas all over the place. The spectacular Douglas’s work is evident in, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, Blade Runner ‘and ‘The Tree of Life. The visual effect mastermind made the kaleidoscopic ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey without any help of CGI and is considered one of the best pieces of work in cinematic history.

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Douglas Trumbull created the Universal studio’s, “Back to the Future: The Ride.” simulator which was later adopted by the I-max and changed the perspective of the entertainment media we know today. In addition to his contributions to the Sci-fi industry, he made patenting dozens of film tools and techniques for the modern CGI action industry. His professional career expertise got him the opportunity to work in, “Silent Runner”, “Star Trek: The motion picture.” and much more well-known pictures which have made a buzz worldwide.

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Douglas Trumbull also worked as an Illustrator and airbrush artist at Graphic films in Los Angeles. His career in the Film industry wasn’t restricted to a graphic category, he got to be an executive producer for Harlan Ellison-created sci-fi series, “Starlost” for 1973-74. In 1994, he combined his Ridefilm corporation with IMAX which helped him make IMAX public. He got to be the chairman in the IMAX for 3 years after the same. In 1993, he was awarded the Acadamy Scientific and Engineering Award.

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