Danilo Coles Death – Obituary, Parents Killed 12 Year Old Texas Boy, Reason Revealed!

Danilo Coles Death – Obituary: Starting a family is a socially conventional norm in the current world we live in. Let it be between any two people, as long as it’s their two responsible individuals. The bond’s between a child and a parent cannot be broken that easily and last forever. We often come across different kinds of parenting skills that they use to discipline their children. Sometimes these disciplinary manners can go wrong. That’s what happened in San Antonio this week.

Danilo Coles Cause Of Death

32-year-old Derrick Coles and 27-year-old Kapri Cheatom were arrested this week on account of killing their child, Danilo Choles who died of excessive whippings. According to the reports, the child was being disrespectful to them, and as a punishment, they started to hit him with a whip which later resulted in his death. The mother and father of the child have been charged with a first-degree felony which resulted in severe bodily injury to the child.

Who Is Danilo Coles Parents?

According to the San Antonio police, Derrick Coles called 911 saying, “Their child was not breathing.” The parents received instructions from the police and performed First Aid CPR and rushed the child to the hospital. The doctors reported multiple injuries on the child’s body and no brain activity. The child, Danilo Choles died later night at the hospital. The police were suspicious of how the child died and took the parent’s under custody for interrogation.

Danilo Coles Funeral Obituary News

Derrick Coles told the police that he hit his son a number of times and made him hold heavy boxes for hours. The couple told the police that he fell over while taking a shower and tried to cut himself. His father, Derrick had asked him to do pushups after the shower but passed out before he could finish them. Derrick Coles also told the police that Danilo Choles’s mother used to abuse him while they used to live in Chicago.

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