DaBaby Fight Video Went Viral On Social Media, Entourage Beating Up DaniLeigh’s Brother Brandon Bills, Check What Happened!

What Actually Happened: Youth these days have encountered a fight one way or the other, let it be down the street from their house or some mean drunk who can keep it in their stomach. Some initiate fight to show their dominant side to the public and prove that they’re better than the others around them. These fights are usually meant to cause a commotion or prove a point to the opposition factor to them.

DaBaby Fight Video

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk is a professional American Raper in America who was born on 22nd December 1991 in Cleveland Orlando, later he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1999. During his schooling days, he used to listen to Eminem, 50 cents, and Lil Wayne with his brothers. Jonathan started his professional rapping career between mid-2014 and early 2015 during which his debut track was called “Nonfiction” and in the coming months, he went on to release more albums. With his growing popularity, Jonathan got his onstage name as ‘Baby Jesus’.

After a while, he changed his onstage name to ‘DaBaby’ after he claimed that the name was a distraction for him. DaBaby’s debut album, ‘Baby on Baby’ went on to make its way into Billboard top 7 in 2019. Further, his second album, ‘Kirk’ made it to Billboard number 1 in 2019. His consecutive seven albums made it into Billboard’s top 100 song’s which took his rapping career to the peak of his fame. On February 10th, the video which was surfaced on Twitter showed DaBabay getting into a fight with DaniLeigh’s Brother, A recent video surfaced from a Twitter post showed an open fight where DaBaby was shown beating up DaniLeigh’s Brother, Brandon Bills.

The spontaneous fight took place at a bowling alley in Los Angeles. The location was of the fight was later confirmed by the emerging video from the people who witnessed the entire scene. At the end of the fight, Brandon Bills was seen to be all bloodied and seriously injured. The video clearly shows that Bill was the one who initiated the fight by challenging DaBaya for a one-on-one fight. DaBaby posted an apology on Twitter which he later deleted saying, “It wasn’t heartfelt anyway”. Bill claimed to have initiated the fight because DaBaby insulted his sister on social media platforms.


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