Charleston Businessman, Buck Limehouse Has Passed Away

Harry Bancroft Obituary

Harry Bancroft Obituary – Death, First SC Transportation Secretary Cause Of Death

Charleston businessman, the first SC transportation secretary Buck Limehouse has passed away, on Wednesday, the 2nd of February, 2022 at 84 after a long battle with cancer. The businessman and former transportation secretary, Harry Bancroft “Buck” Limehouse, Jr., was tagged “an amazing individual.” by his loving son.

The great role model for young South Carolinians, a graduate of the Citadel, excelled academically and earned gold stars. According to a tribute, the deceased was extremely humble and understated, and he liked hanging out at the ballpark with the guys and having with them when he is not home dealing with governors and senators and presidents.

In December 2009, Limehouse was diagnosed with prostate cancer and at that time, reached out to Governor Mark Sanford asking to resign from his position as transportation secretary, which Sanford rejected as he still wanted him to remain in his position. The deceased Limehouse was instrumental in reforming the operations of the Department of Transportation.

Here are other achievements of the deceased coined from Tributes Posted on Various online Platforms:

Limehouse was a native of Charleston and a 1960 graduate of The Citadel. He was elected to the SCDOT Commission representing the 1st Congressional District in 1993. In 1994, Gov. Carroll Campbell appointed him to serve as the Commission’s Chairman. He was reappointed as Chairman by Gov. David Beasley in 1995, serving until 1999.

Limehouse served as the state’s first Secretary of Transportation for South Carolina. SCDOT spokesperson Brittany Harriot said then-Gov. Mark Sanford appointed Limehouse to the position and the state Senate confirmed him in August 2007.

He called Buck Limehouse “very innovative, a very big thinker” who “always thought outside the box” and was “always thinking two or three jumps ahead of everybody else.”

He said in business deals, his father could do math in his head faster than anyone could do it on a calculator. When it came to politics, he was very active in the Republican Party, raising money for every president that ran everywhere.

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