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Chad Wingo Death – Obituary: For those of you who knew we lost our daughter Megan 3 years ago, then we lost our Jeremy less than a year ago. We got the news yesterday that we have lost Megan’s husband Chad.

He was such a wonderful man and he was so good to Megan, even till the very end of her life. The cancer took her away so fast we almost didn’t have time to breathe. But he stayed by her bedside and included all of us at any moment that we could be there. Chad’s family loved her immensely as their own daughter. As they grieved with all of us losing Megan,

We grieve with them losing their Chad. Your prayers are appreciated so much for the Wingo family and for us. My grandchildren who were his nieces and nephew loved him so much. I’m reposting something that someone else had written just because it explains Chad and Megan personalities together.

I can just imagine when Megan saw Jeremy May 2021 in heaven and now she gets to see her Chad. What a reunion I’m sure they’re having.
We love you Chad and thank you.for being the man you were!

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