Car Accident Winnetka: Three killed, seven injured in Winnetka Rollover collision


Car Accident Winnetka: At least Three were Killed and seven were injured In Winnetka Rollover Collision, which happened on Sunday night.

Car Accident Winnetka: Cause of the accident
According to a statement made by Los Angeles, the collision took place around 9 p.m on Sunday, July 3, when a Ford ride with four passengers was traveling Eastbound along Vanowen Street east of Corbin Avenue At a very high speed.

The Ford ride got to a very large dip before he lost control; over his steering and Crashed into a Toyota Tacoma Truck, With four passengers, collide over them, and then hit a third vehicle with two passengers, according to the authorities.

Three of the passengers died at the scene while seven other victims were taken to the hospital for treatments.

Authorities are still looking deeply into the matter.


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