Britain’s Largest Military Base Cattertick Garrison’s Soldier Death – Obituary

Cattertick Garrison Death

British Army confirmed Dead In Cattertick Garrison, Britain

We have learnt of the sudden death of a soldier at the British Army country’s largest military base, Cattertick Garrison in Britain, which is also home to 13,000 Armed Forces personnel from several units including the 1st Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment and the Royal Lancers, .

According to information, the soldier, whose name has not been disclosed passed away on Saturday, the 5th of February, 2022. Although specific cause of death has not been announced, we also learnt that British soldier at the country’s largest military base death is still being investigated at this time of reporting.

A member of the British Army confirmed this on Saturday, but their names were not mentioned The unknown officer in his report said ”The circumstances surrounding this death are being investigated and it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time”…………

We extend our sincere and most heartfelt thoughts to the soldier’s family and friends. He was in the Royal Corps of Signal but had been on, but had recently been on attachment to the Intelligence Corps. He will be greatly missed.

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