Born in Beverly, An Ipswich Resident, Audrey Fessenden Has Passed Away

Audrey Fessenden obituary

Audrey Fessenden obituary – Death, Audrey FessendenĀ  Is Dead

Born in Beverly and raised in Topsfield, Audrey Fessenden a longtime Ipswich resident, who lived many years up on Caroline Avenue and was friendly to all as she saw them as a part of her family has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly according to information gathered on the Monday, the 7th of February, 2022.

Audrey who was said to have been a part of the Amvets Ladies Auxiliary Post 201, never had a child of he own but she wholeheartedly helped a lotĀ  of parents to raise their own children as she had a kind heart and a very soft spot for kids. During vacations, she enjoyed trips to Corinna, Maine, as she always visited her cousin Joanne McMullin and her children, as she loved them so much .

Deceased Audrey also enjoyed visiting the Polish picnic year in year out, and always assisted the ladies roll out the golumpkis for the picnic. She was fond of the Plum Island, as that was her favorite spot. As learnt from a source there will be no burial services, as this is what the deceased wished.

The deceased was preceded in death by her parents and her husband, Elwyn Fessenden, and surviving are her many close friends who are residents of Ipswich, who took care of her.

We extend sincere condolences to all who mourn this death, we pray that God grants them the fortitude to bear the great and sad loss of their beloved.

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