Betty Rowland Obituary News: In loving memory of Legendary burlesque dancer, Betty Rowland

Betty Rowland Death – Cause of Death: In loving memory of Legendary burlesque dancer, Betty Rowland.

Betty Jane Rowland was a burlesque dancer and actress, with a career spanning over eight decades. She was the last living performer of the “Golden Age of Burlesque” era.

Rowland died at a care facility in Culver City, California on April 3, 2022, at the age of 106. Her death was announced nearly 3 months later on June 30.

Rowland was born on January 23, 1916, in Columbus, Ohio. She and her sisters Dian and Roz Elle all started out as dancers in vaudeville before making the transition into burlesque.

Rowland performed at the famous club Minsky’s in New York City, where she earned the nickname “Ball of Fire” from both her flaming red hair and hot and fast style of dancing.

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