Andy Ross from Food Records Death – Obituary, Andy Ross Cause Of Death

Andy Ross Death

Andy Ross from Food Records Has passed away

It is really a very sad and devastating news to have learnt of the sudden and unexpected passing away of Andy Ross, who was known by many to have served at the from Food Records. The deceased in his life time was solely responsible for promos in the post which for a teenage music fan. He was said to have passed on after losing his battle with cancer.

Deceased Andy was the King of Camden, he was lovely and was a very funny man who made great impact on British music, as he was an aspiring songwriter and the owner of te famous label ‘Food Records’. Sometimes back then in 2005 a band Nemo was managed by him and as a result of his great impact the label/industry had evaporated, and his consistent patronage the confidence and courage to the owner to press on to record and release by himself.

Andy was so much in love with great pop music, he was so honest, wise and wise, childish and very genuine. He was also a Legend in many things which music is a part of it as he was the music journalist for sounds in the early 90s. He has made wave in the industry and will be greatly missed for his genre of music.

We extend sincere condolences to the family, friends, well wishers and accomplices of the deceased, we ask that God comfort and stand by them at this time of mourning his sudden demise. We also deeply commiserate with the crew of the famous label, as they will never see their godfather again.

May his perfect and gentle soul rest peacefully.

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