Going to the gym or making time for exercise can occasionally feel like the last thing you want to do, especially after a long day at work, whether you are a fitness expert or a workout novice.

Finding the motivation to get up and exercise can sometimes be difficult, despite studies showing that exercise is good for you at any time of day and can have positive effects on both your physical and mental health.

Jessie Jones Williams, a personal trainer at the OriGym Center of Excellence, tells The Independent that in order to be motivated, one must first have a clear understanding of what drives them.

“Try to look within and generate only positive justifications for exercising. Reminding yourself of these will both reinforce the benefits of exercise and serve as inspiration to get you moving.

In light of this, we questioned Jones Williams about the best ways to stay motivated to exercise, as well as PureGym personal trainers Ian Scarrott and Emma Vincent.

How do you keep yourself inspired to work out and exercise?

Setting goals is a great way to maintain motivation and inspire you to exercise more, according to all three personal trainers.

To stay motivated to exercise, Jones Williams advises constantly reminding yourself of your objectives and incorporating this into your schedule.

Making a plan for the coming week can be a good idea, says Vincent, as seeing something concrete can help you stay accountable. Put motivational sayings near a mirror so you can see them every day, she continues. Just this little boost in inspiration can help you get to the gym or work out.

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