Acceptance of Ukraine and Moldova as prospective members of the European Union

Acceptance of Ukraine and Moldova as prospective members of the European Union


Ukraine and Moldova have been approved as candidates by EU leaders, opening a path to a membership that will probably take several years.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, tweeted that it was a historic occasion and a “good day for Europe.”

Your nations are a part of our European family, she wrote in her post.

Asserting that “Ukraine’s future is within the EU,” Ukrainian President Zelenskyy tweeted: “Sincerely commend EU leaders decision.”

The action is likely to enrage Russia, which has opposed Ukraine’s potential membership and closer ties to the West.

Ukraine submitted an application less than a week after being invaded in February, and its application has been expedited.

At a special summit in Brussels, European leaders gave their approval to the move.

According to Ms. von der Leyen, the choice “helps Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine stand up to Russian imperialism. And it makes the EU stronger. Because it demonstrates to the world once more that we are unified and powerful in the face of threats from without.”

Maia Sandu, the president of Moldova, hailed the occasion as historic for her small, landlocked country, which borders Ukraine.

The “difficult road ahead,” she said, offered “more prosperity, more opportunities, and more order,” but it was also difficult. One of Europe’s poorest nations is this one.

Georgia has also made progress toward EU membership.

Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, stated on Twitter that the organization had acknowledged “the European perspective of Georgia and is ready to grant candidate status once the outstanding priorities are addressed.”

“Greetings to the people of Georgia. A pivotal moment in relations between the EU and Georgia: Georgia’s future lies within the EU, “said he.

Candidates must adhere to requirements regarding their political and economic environments, including a dedication to the rule of law and other democratic ideals.

Ukraine will need to implement additional reforms and reduce government corruption.

The duration of the procedure is unknown. For instance, Turkey received candidate status in 1999, but its application has been stalled by a number of legal issues.

According to Ms. von der Leyen, the three nations “all have work to do before moving to the next stage of the process,” but she added that she knows “they will move swiftly.”

A treaty provision that protects a nation from attack if it joins the EU obligates other members to assist in such an event.

Ukraine wants to join the NATO, a military alliance that is distinct from the EU, but that is currently an unlikely possibility and President Putin has vowed to prevent it from ever doing so.

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