A seven year boy, Jermiah Moore was shot to dead in east Chicago

Jermiah Moore-Cause of Death: A 7-year-old boy named Jermiah Moore was shot to death on Tuesday in East Chicago.

The security agencies in East Chicago reacted to the area of 3545 Block Avenue after a ShotSpotter system Notified them of gunshots near the location around 1:15 in the morning. When the security agencies arrived at the incident, they discovered nothing. They eventually went to St. Catherine Hospital to see if anyone sustained any injury.

Nevertheless, when the police were leaving the hospital, they noticed that a woman was carrying a child with a gunshot wound on his head. The little boy was taken to the emergency room and was later declared dead.

The shooting occurred at the intersection of Gutherie Street and Main Street, according to a statement made by the police.

Investigations are still ongoing as the East Chicago Police force is still longing to get further details.

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