72, William Smallfield Is Stampede Meadows Reservoir Ice Accident Death Victim

William Smallfield Obituary
William Smallfield Obituary

California Resident, William Smallfield Obituary – Death, William Smallfield Has Died

72-year-old California resident William Smallfield, has been identified as the skater found dead after disappearing in Water after a Group of ice skaters were said to have fallen through the ice at Stampede Meadows Reservoir on Saturday, the 5th of February, 2022.

According to further reports, initially five of the skaters were immediately rescued, but the sixth individual was nowhere to be found when the other were rescued and we later learnt that he was found dead the following day. Before the accident, according to accounts from the Police, on Saturday afternoon they received a call that eight people had been skating on the lake when the ice broke, and this sad occurrence has sent six of the skaters into the water.

Authorities quickly began their search for Smallfield, who was one of the skaters, and was far away from the main group of skaters when the ice broke, according to reports he had gone under the water and the others already lost visual contact with him.

The dead man’s body was recovered from the reservoir by Placer County Dive Team members on Sunday morning, and Police later identified him as 72 year old Truckee man William Smallfield.

We also learnt that another skater was taken to a local hospital, as he suffered a dislocated shoulder and was later released on Saturday evening. We offer our sincere condolences to Mr. Smallfield’s family and friends, he will be greatly missed by all his peers and loved ones.

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