65 Year Old, Bob Saget Found Dead In Hotel Bed At The Ritz Carlton In Orlando

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Bob Saget Obituary – Death

A medical examiner in Florida on Thursday has ruled the death of the well known comedian, Bob Saget as an accidental blow to the head, which is said to might have been caused by a backwards fall. Saget was announced deceased after he was found on the 9th day in the month of January, 2022 in a Florida hotel room.

Bob Saget Obituary – Death, Cause Of Death

Prior to his demise, he was said to have performed in the area the night before as a part of the artistes invited for the stand up tour, An autopsy later conducted revealed that Saget had an abrasion on his scalp, and also a fracture at the base of his skull, and fractures around his eye sockets, which has caused serious bleeding between the brain and tissue covering the brain as well as bruises to the brain.

Aside this, the deceased was said to have also tested positive to COVID-19. So from the final reports from officers, the  manner of his death has been declared accident caused by a head trauma.

Biography Of The Deceased

The entertainer Saget who is best recognized for his role as beloved single dad Danny Tanner on the sitcom “Full House” and as the wisecracking host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos. He was just about releasing a part of his “I Don’t Do Negative Comedy Tour, before he was announced deceased. Saget enjoyed warm audience receptions in Orlando and the Ponte Vedra Beach resort area and will be greatly by his fans and lovers.

Tributes And Condolences

We extend sincere and most heartfelt condolences to the family friends, and well wishers, we ask that God almighty grant the soul of the deceased repose in his bosom. And pardon all the shortcomings and excesses. May his Gentle and loving soul rest peacefully.

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